Hi, I'm Eve...Founder of the Manifest University...

And I know you are feeling STUCK...

And You Wanna Know WHY?

You might be feeling STUCK in one or more areas in your life...

Maybe no matter how many times you think you are choosing something New...

You end up like a broken record on REPEAT.

There are a lot of silly cliches about Manifesting like....

"Just ASK the Universe for what you want"...

which I completely dispel and teach you the Right Way To Manifest

that fully makes sense!

Everyone wants everything to change over night...but the truth is...

...it takes time to make Real Permanent Change.

By following these easy to listen to modules and following the advise given,

you'll start to see Radical Changes in your life occur.

Each week you'll watch a short module and have that entire week to master that one important idea by applying it to your exact situation before moving on to the next week's task.

Slowly, you'll be turning the gears towards exactly what you've been wanting, rather than what you have been getting.

All of the advise given are easy to understand concepts that worked wonders for our MasterMind students, not esoteric confusing spiritual concepts, so that you will never have the question of what exactly to do once the module ends...because We Tell You EXACTLY What To Do.

I give homework that helps you identify and stop playing out the same patterns over and over again PLUS teach you our Unique Manifesting Tools.

These modules are designed to get you 'Unstuck' from whatever situation seems impossible to achieve now or has you on 'Repeat'.

This is the Only Proven Step By Step Manifestation Course...

and my MasterMind Students paid $25K for the 6 month intensive 1 on 1.

I've finally recorded it and made it affordable for everyone.

You can always opt for booking me for a private session if you need extra help implementing any of the concepts or tools and

applying them to your exact situation.

So Start NOW...

So You Finally Get What You Want THIS YEAR...

And so you won't be exactly where you are now, this time next year.

It Already Is!

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